Light Requirements Sun

Light Requirements – Sun
Each plant has different sunlight requirements. Plants that require full sun perform best when they have 6 or more hours each day of direct sunlight, including the midday hours. If your garden or patio receives a significant amount of sunlight each day, full-sun plants may be for you.

Light Requirements Shade

Light Requirements – Shade
Each plant has different sunlight requirements. Plants that require shade perform best when they are not exposed to direct sunlight, especially during the mid-day hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If your garden or patio is not exposed to much sunlight, shade plants may be for you.

Light Requirements Part Sun

Light Requirements – Part Sun
Each plant has different sunlight requirements. Plants that require part-sun perform best when they are exposed to a moderate amount of sunlight. These plants typically can tolerate some mid-day sun, and perform better with morning sun, rather than afternoon sun. If your garden or patio is exposed to a moderate amount of sunlight, part-sun plants may be for you.

Heat Tolerant

Heat Tolerant
Heat tolerance is an important quality for annuals planted in the Southeast. There are plenty of choices that thrive in the heat all summer long. Unless a plant is labelled as drought tolerance – remember even heat tolerant plants require regular water to survive the heat!


Be sure to choose annuals that thrive when planted in the landscape if you are looking for easy, season long color. Mixing colors and heights can add interest to your annual planting and since annuals need to be replaced every year you can always try something new!

Container Component Thriller

Container Components – Thriller
A beautiful container garden starts with a “thriller”: a centerpiece plant that is taller than the other plants, and the focal point of the container.

Container Component Filler

Container Components – Filler
Once you’ve selected your thriller, add in different “filler” plants, which will become the bulk of the container, but not grow as tall as the thriller.

Container Component Spiller

Container Components – Spiller
Finally, “spiller” plants are those that will trail over the edge of your container garden, adding interest, a pop of color and additional dimension.

Drought Tolerant

Drought Tolerant
Drought tolerance and heat tolerance are not the same. It takes a special plant to be drought tolerant – remember this is once the plant is established, all plants need water to get established! Drought tolerant plants may still need occasional water once established, but they are tougher than the average plant.

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Drought Tolerant
Heat Tolerant
Part Sun
  • Cyclamen 5
    Cyclamen 5
  • Sunpatien
  • Cyclamen 3
    Cyclamen 3
  • Cyclamen
  • Cyclamen 2
  • Cyclamen 4
  • Calibrachoa
  • Daffodils
  • Dahlia
  • Light Purple Verbena
    Light Purple Verbena
  • Orange Bicolor Gerbera
    Orange Bicolor Gerbera
  • Orange Bicolor Gerbera 3
    Orange Bicolor Gerbera 2
  • Osteospermum
  • Pink Begonia
    Pink Begonia
  • Pink Dahlia
    Pink Dahlia
  • Pink Dahlia 2
    Pink Dahlia 2
  • Pink Gerbera
    Pink Gerbera
  • Purple Verbena
    Purple Verbena
  • Red Petunia
    Red Petunia
  • Pink Lantana
    Pink Lantana
  • Vanilla Marigold
    Vanilla Marigold
  • Marigold
  • Orange Zinnia
    Orange Zinnia
  • Rose Pentas
    Rose Pentas
  • Pink Splash Geranium
    Pink Splash Geranium 2
  • Pink Splash Geranium
  • Yellow Portulaca
    Yellow Portulaca
  • Purple Angelonia
    Purple Angelonia
  • Red Geranium
    Red Geranium
  • Tiger Eye Rudbeckia
    Tiger Eye Rudbeckia
  • Salvia
  • Mediterranean XP Peach Vinca
    Mediterranean XP Peach Vinca
  • Titan Burgundy Vinca
    Titan Burgundy Vinca
  • White New Guinea Impatiens
    White New Guinea Impatiens
  • Bonfire Begonia
    Bonfire Begonia
  • Dianthus 1
  • Dianthus 2
    Dianthus 2
  • Dianthus 3
    Dianthus 3
  • Dianthus 4
    Dianthus 4
  • Dianthus 5
    Dianthus 5
  • Orange Blotch Pansy
    Orange Blotch Pansy
  • Pansy
  • Frizzle Sizzle Pansy 2
    Frizzle Sizzle Pansy 2
  • Frizzle Sizzle Pansy
    Frizzle Sizzle Pansy
  • Red Blotch Pansy
    Red Blotch Pansy
  • Snapdragon
  • Snapdragon 2
    Snapdragon 2
  • Snapdragon
    Snapdragon 3
  • Snapdragon 4
    Snapdragon 4
  • Snapdragon 5
    Snapdragon 5
  • Snapdragon Basket
    Snapdragon Basket
  • Snapdragons in Field
    Snapdragons in Field
  • Viola
  • Viola 2
    Viola 2
  • White Blotch Pansy
    White Blotch Pansy
  • Cyclamen 6
    Cyclamen 6
  • Cyclamen 7
    Cyclamen 7
  • Cyclamen 8
    Cyclamen 8
  • Pink Petunia
    Pink Petunia
  • Red Petunia 2
    Red Petunia 2
  • Rim Petunia
    Rim Petunia
  • White Gerbera
    White Gerbera
  • Yellow Gerbera
    Yellow Gerbera
  • Canna
  • Celosia 2
    Celosia 2
  • Celosia
  • Celosia 3
    Celosia 3
  • Celosia 4
    Celosia 4
  • Celosia Arrabona
    Celosia Arrabona
  • Coleus Colesaurus
    Coleus Colesaurus
  • Coleus Flame Thrower Chipotle
    Coleus Flame Thrower Chipotle
  • Creme Lantana
    Creme Lantana
  • Double Impatiens
    Double Impatiens
  • Fuschia New Guinea Impatien
    Fuschia New Guinea Impatiens
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Coleus
    Chocolate Covered Cherry Coleus
  • White Wonder Caladium
    White Wonder Caladium
  • Dianthus
    Dianthus 6
  • Fireball Gerbera
    Fireball Gerbera
  • Hot Pink Gerbera
    Hot Pink Gerbera
  • Orange Dahlia
    Orange Dahlia
  • Petunia Purple
    Petunia Purple
  • Petunia White
    Petunia White
  • Pink Purple Dahlia
    Pink Purple Dahlia
  • Plectranthus
  • Red Yellow Gerberas
    Red Yellow Gerberas
  • Snapdragon
    Snapdragon 6
  • Verbena
  • Viola 3
    Viola 3
  • Viola 4
    Viola 4
  • White Gailardia
    White Gaillardia
  • White Gerbera
    White Gerbera
  • Yellow Gerbera
    Yellow Gerbera
  • Yellow Pink Gerberas
    Yellow Pink Gerberas
  • Summer Combination 2
  • Confetti Garden Hot Pink Jazz
  • Dragon's Breath Celosia
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