Our Process & Facilities

Young’s Plant Farm takes pride in our plants from the very beginning. From the finest quality soil ingredients to our modern delivery fleet, we take great care from germination to delivery, and every step in between. We pride ourselves on facilities that provide consistently healthy plants to our customers, season after season.

Our Process

The Young’s Plant Farm process consistently produces high quality plants. Take a virtual tour of our facility to learn about our special mix of soil, carefully managed growing conditions and delivery to customers.

Our Facilities

Young’s production and growing facilities are uniquely customized to our three locations throughout the southeast, and are second to none. With two farms in east central Alabama and one in Andrews, North Carolina, we have over 2.4 million square feet (56 acres) of greenhouse production and 40 acres of meticulously groomed outside growing area.

We go to great lengths to create and manage an optimal growing environment for our plants. Our greenhouses are state of the art, with climate control capability and automated software to ensure plants are cared for in an optimal way.