05 Jan 2016

Young’s Partners with Software Companies for Replenishment

Demand Link & Practical Software SolutionsYoung’s Plant Farm has partnered with software companies Demand Link and Practical Software to create a replenishment model, which allows us to maximize the retail potential of weekly farm inventory across the 87 Lowe’s stores we service.

Demand Link specializes in demand planning and replenishment for seasonal and intermittent goods. They added a customized replenishment module to their current replenishment offerings, which allowed Young’s to have more flexibility and control when working with Demand Link’s suggested replenishment quantities. The module contains current sales data, including units sold, margins, weeks on hand, turn rates and sell through.

Young’s was already a customer of Practical Software, who manages our Sage business management software for daily activities. Practical Software was able to work with Demand Link to provide daily shipping reports and farm inventory, which is incorporated into replenishment planning. Once orders are complete, they are simply exported from the replenishment software back into our business management software, which automatically generates purchase orders.

Thanks to these systems, Young’s has seen a more than 50-percent reduction in man hours required to process orders, due to the availability of the most current sales and inventory metrics. The tool is still in development while time-saving features continue to be added. Our goal is to have a push-button order generation system, which will optimize inventory for all our customers.