05 Apr 2016

North America: Young’s Plant Farm Obtains MPS-A Qualification

Started in 2015 with the MPS registration, now the first qualification has been awarded to Young’s Plant Farm: MPS-A.

A family owned and operated business, Young’s Plant Farm has been aggressively growing since 1961 when founded by Gene Young. Still a family run company, Young’s has grown its greenhouse space from 1,512 square feet in 1961 to more than 1.5 million square feet today. In addition to greenhouses, there are another thirty five-acres of meticulously groomed outside growing space.

“As a company, the focus of Young’s Plant Farm remains on growing the best plants in order to deliver a top quality product. We have a commitment to mechanization, innovation and cleanliness.” Drew Young explains it is Young’s responsibility to produce the most economically friendly product possible. “The MPS-ABC certification has provided a means of measurement for all of our sustainability processes.”

Examples of the sustainable efforts implemented are:

  • Waste water retention and reuse
  • Growing with energy efficient greenhouse systems
  • Using renewable Whole Tree Substrate as growing media

Drew mentions that as a grower, serving large scale retailers but also independent garden centers, “it has been encouraging to receive the positive feedback from our customers as we share the fact that we are participating in a sustainability program such as MPS-ABC.”

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